Monday, August 31, 2015


I am thrilled to report to you a successful Join Scouting Night recruitment effort within the Little Rock School District (LRSD.) On August 27th, in 30 schools, we recruited 412 new boys which is 149 more youth than we recruited in those same schools last year. This represents a 57% increase over 2014 results for these same schools.

From what we have seen and heard, the discounted joining fee contributed in part to the success. As always, no great plan can succeed without leadership and effort from volunteers and staff alike. So, congratulations to everyone in the Mohawk District for a successful campaign and for providing the opportunity for Scouting to make a significant, positive impact on the lives of so many young boys and their families.

The success experienced in Mohawk last night gives us all hope and optimism for similar success in all other schools that will conduct their Join Scouting Night on September 3rd. We as leaders need to share that success story and personally demonstrate enthusiasm for the potential success of next Thursday’s event. Our attitudes can be a significant factor in the enthusiasm and effort shown by our volunteers over the critical next six days.

Remember that a smile goes a long way. The very best unit leaders who operate the best units are ones who have a positive attitude and visibly enjoy their volunteer work. Their enthusiasm attracts and incites other adults/parents to volunteer within the unit. As leaders we can have a significant impact on the degree of success achieved throughout all subsequent recruitment efforts by showing that we enjoy our work and the challenge presented by the Join Scouting Night project.

The rest of the schools to go September 3rd have the advantage of not having a last minute change and of having ample promotion in traditional as well as new and innovative methods including social media. This is an opportunity of which we must take full advantage .