Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Points Four, Five and Six.

Points Four, Five and Six.

 As Scouts and Scouters we frequently recite the Scout Oath and Law. I did it on the evening of July 18th with others in attendance at an Eagle Court of Honor for Matthew Smith of Troop 391 in White Hall, Arkansas.

 There are twelve points in the Scout Law, all of which we pledge to obey when we recite the Scout Oath. As Bruce Peters explained during his speech at this ceremony, we strive to live up to these ideals but on occasion we fall short as none of us are perfect. And that’s okay. It is our effort to do our best that matters.

 Think of how different the world would be if everyone attempted to obey the Scout Law. Or, how different it would be if everyone just tried to obey points four, five and six, “…Friendly, Courteous, Kind…” Perhaps that would have prevented many of the recent acts of violence committed in our country and around the world.

 As youth and adult members of this great program called Scouting, we must continue to be a shining light for the rest of the world and demonstrate the proper way to treat others with respect, dignity and kindness.

 Let’s do our best to get even more young boys and girls involved in our program and have an even greater positive impact on our communities and our nation.