Monday, November 23, 2015



Sometimes when bad things happen on an international level, we find ourselves frustrated feeling that we are unable to do anything to help. Recent events in France, Africa and Belgium are examples of just such occurrences.

In July of this year, our council sent two young men from Helena, Arkansas to the World Jamboree in Japan. A multitude of factors contributed to these young men being able to attend the Jamboree.

·         Generous donors provided the financial resources needed.

·         A chartered partner, the KIPP School Delta provided the meeting place and volunteer leadership needed to run Boy Scout Troop 113 of which both were members.

·         Crowley’s Ridge District Volunteers provided the training for troop leaders and other support service necessary for the troop to operate successfully.

·         Council staff and volunteers worked to secure an agreement from the chartered partner and to recruit adult and youth members.

·         All of these support mechanisms were in place thanks to the time, effort and financial resources devoted by thousands of people like you to the purpose of fulfilling the mission of the Quapaw Area Council.

Upon their return from the World Jamboree, these two young Scouts attended a meeting of the Executive Board of the Quapaw Area Council. During their presentation, they were asked the following question,

“Did you find any group of Scouts from another country to be friendlier than others?”

To which one of them replied, “Every Scout was kind and got along well, like the world should be.”

So the next time you feel “helpless,” remember that the work that you do here has a profound effect that is felt throughout the world.

At this special time of the year, I am extremely THANKFUL for every one of you who gives so generously in so many ways to carry out Scouting’s mission in the Quapaw Area Council.

Happy Thanksgiving

-          John Carman