Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lost Webelos!


There are currently 539 registered 5th grade Webelos in the Quapaw Area Council.

Unfortunately, 323 of them are not going to join a Boy Scout Troop. That’s correct, the annual statistical average has shown us that only 40 % of our 5th grade Webelos transition into a Boy Scout Troop each year.

When surveyed, the parents report the most common reason for their son not joining a troop is that they, “…were never asked.”

That is 323 boys who joined Scouting wanting to experience the fun and adventure that we promised him and his family. The longer a boy stays in Scouting, the greater impact it has on his character.

If you are an adult leader in a troop or if you occupy another Scouting role, you can have a positive impact on reducing this great loss. Each District Executive can provide a list of 5th grade Webelos in each Cub Scout Pack. A phone call to the parents of each of these Webelos is the best means by which to invite them to a troop and to keep them involved in our great program.

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